Religious Education

Religious Education Teachers

  • Mrs L Bailey (Subject Leader)
  • Mr N D’Aguiar
  • Mrs E Levitt
  • Mrs H Richardson
  • Miss V Wilkinson

Key Stage 3

Year 7:

  • Community
  • Bible
  • Creation

Year 8:

  • Life of Jesus
  • The Mass
  • St Paul and the Early Christians

Year 9:

  • The Church
  • Relationships
  • Christian responses to suffering

Key Stage 4

Exam Board: AQA

Course: Religious Studies B (8063)

Link to specification: CLICK HERE

We also offer the OCR Entry Level Certificate in Religious Studies.

Key Stage 5 - A Level

A Level

Exam Board: OCR

Subject Leader: Mrs L Bailey

Course Content: This course offers a combination of Philosophy, Ethics and Christian Theology.

Philosophy: The study of wisdom. We explore the BIG questions, challenging you to think about and question everything you take for granted. God – Can I prove God exists? If God created everything, who created God? If God can do everything, can God swim? Will I be able to eat in heaven? Is my mind the only thing that exists and the rest a figment of my imagination? How do I know that the words I am writing mean the same for you as they do for me?

Ethics: The topic content is contemporary, including legal issues, current affairs and medical/ technological advancements and their consequences. We explore issues such as: How do we determine what is right and wrong? Why should people do good and not evil? What is my conscience and is it reliable? Is it acceptable to experiment on an aborted foetus? Is a human being more valuable than an animal?

Christian Theology: We explore how Christian Theology relates to the Philosophy and Ethics topics covered in the course.