Tutor Group Prayers

The Prayer Resources for Tutor Groups are now available as an iPad app - called Morning Prayers and via the Morning Prayer section of this website

The static booklet for each week is downloadable below.

Older Booklets are available in the archive.

Guide to Collective Worship
  1. Invitation – to mark the entry into prayer, like standing up and making the Sign of the  Cross
  2. Clear Theme & Message – try to limit your material to one specific theme
  3. Balance of Speech & Silence (& music if appropriate) – try to vary the delivery of your theme to ensure that it appeals to as many as possible.
  4. Time for Quiet Reflection – give time for the audience to take in and reflect on the theme
  5. Prayer – both led and collective – there should be a prayer which links in the theme, and an act of communal prayer such as the Our Father or Hail Mary.
  6. Clear links with Spiritual/Moral Development or Catholic Ethos – ensure that the theme is an appropriate one in line with the School’s Catholic Ethos, also where possible try to keep the theme in line with the Liturgical Calendar.

In addition, it is expected that the act of Collective Worship should:

  • Be organised and well led
  • Create an appropriate atmosphere
  • Pupils should show respect & a good level of behaviour