Richard Challoner School


House Colour: Green
Feast day: 29th December

Thomas Becket was the son of a wealthy Norman merchant. After studying law, he became a clergyman and worked for Henry II in the office of Chancellor. He was rewarded for his services with important posts in the church, but he showed little love for the religious life. Indeed, Becket always sided with the King in disputes with the clergy. However, when Henry made Becket an Archbishop, Becket changed dramatically. He devoted himself to his religious duties. After quarrelling with Henry, Becket was forced to flee to France. Becket returned after 5 years but, on Christmas day in 1170, he defied the King by excommunicating several bishops and barons. Henry uttered the memorable phrase “who will rid me of this troublesome priest”. Four knights did just that, murdering Becket inside Canterbury Cathedral on December 29th 1170.

Becket House History:
2021/22 –
2nd Place
2020/21 – 2nd Place
2019/20 – 3rd Place
2018/19 – 4th Place
2017/18 – 1st Place
2016/17 – 2nd Place
2015/16 – 5th Place
2014/15 – 3rd Place
2013/14 – 4th Place
2012/13 – 2nd Place


Head of House: Mr Bardsley

When Mr Bardsley was a trainee teacher at Richard Challoner, he was a proud member of Becket house, but once he qualified as a teacher he was dragged away to Columba House to be with his new form class, 7C.

After a happy and enjoyable couple of years as a 7C form tutor, seeing some fine young men develop and get involved in many House events under the fine stewardship or Ms Blackburn then Mr Pritchard, he spotted a big pair of green shoes Ms Malik had left empty down the corridor and decided to apply for the honour of the position as head of Becket House. 

So now, after his successful campaign, with his hand-painted banner waving proudly, a duffel bag full of green t-shirts and an overwhelming sense of enthusiasm, Mr Bardsley is ready to continue the legacy of the fine line of successful heads of House for (the undeniably best…) Becket House! 

Mr Bardsley has just one quote for his students in Becket House and that is: “Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try”, so come along to House events, maybe even try something new, but most importantly of all… get involved!


House Captain: Adam

I am ecstatic to have been made house captain of Becket. Having gained a lot of valuable experience with the house events in my previous house of Fisher, I am eager to bring a new perspective and some new thinking to Becket to give us the edge we need to win.

Great participation rates and a diverse team of like-minded individuals is key to succeeding, therefore, this year we need students from all ages and abilities to get themselves involved in the house events. Everybody needs to think outside the box and believe in not only our house team, but also in themselves. There is a place for everyone in every house event, this year there are no excuses!

I have full belief that in 2022/23 its coming home to Becket, just like it did 2017/18. The wait has been too long!