Richard Challoner School


House Colour: Yellow
Feast day: 9th June

Columba was a Celtic monk and missionary, born in Donegal, Ireland. He was educated at the monastic school of Movie under St Finnian. In 560 a dispute arose over a copy Columba had made of St. Finnian’s book of psalms, resulting in Columba’s instigation of a rebellion by the Clan Neill against King Diarmait of Ireland. This culminated in the Battle of Cooldrevny in 561, at which three thousand men were killed. As penance, and with the support of 12 companions, he founded a monastery on the island of Iona, hoping to convert as many men as had died at Cooldrevny, specifically converting the Scots and Picts. After many conversions, and becoming a famous councillor to many kings, the monastery at Iona became Columba’s final resting place in 597. Pilgrimage to Iona increased; kings wished to be buried near to Columba. At it’s peak, Iona produced the ‘Book of Kells’ a beautiful medieval manuscript of the four new testament gospels, and one of Irelands greatest national treasures.

Columba House History:
2022/23 –
3rd Place
2021/22 – 6th Place
2020/21 – 4th Place
2019/20 – 5th Place
2018/19 – 3rd Place
2017/18 – 4th Place
2016/17 – 6th Place
2015/16 – 2nd Place
2014/15 – 2nd Place
2013/14 – 1st Place
2012/13 – 4th Place

Head of House: Mr Leach

It is my great privilege to be Head of Columba House, following Mr Pritchard’s six wonderful years of stewardship. The recent bronze place has given us a great jumping-off point for this year.

To bring Columba success, you must prioritise House events and think about what YOU can do to serve our community. Take advantage of all opportunities presented to you and sign-up to try new things. 

‘If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.’

Columba can only be as great as we are, as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Everyone is expected to participate in at least two House events this academic year. When you aren’t taking part, you can still support your Columba family in the audience. 

This is the 10th anniversary of Columba’s only victory. Let’s work together to bring it home.

House Captain: Cristian

I am honoured and incredibly happy to have been made House Captain for Columba. Having gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge from my previous House of Fisher, I am keen to bring new ideas, new systems and a strong sense of community to make Columba a formidable force in the House Competition. 


Our recent results show the team spirit and broad skill set which are fundamental parts of success. I intend to nurture this to allow every student, no matter their ability, talents, or skills, to get involved and try something new, because this not only benefits them as individuals, but the House as a whole. By advocating for this, I hope to bring victory to a great House after 9 years! 


In short, I hope for everyone - new or old - to: have fun, learn something new and get stuck in! I look forward to a successful 2023-24 and Go Columba!