House Colour: White
Feast day: 19th May

Born in 910 near Glastonbury, Dunstan was educated at Glastonbury Abbey by Irish monks. He served for a time with his uncle, Aethelhelm, Archbishop of Canterbury; then he was called to the court of King Athelstan. He later became a monk and was then ordained a priest by his uncle. Some years after ordination he lived at Glastonbury as a hermit; during this time he devoted his life to prayer, the study of music, literature and crafts. Following a two year exile in Flanders, Dunstan returned to England and was appointed Bishop of Worcester, then Bishop of London. Dunstan’s most influential period was during the sixteen year reign of King Edgar. During this time he was Archbishop of Canterbury and Chief Minister of State. When King Edgar died, Dunstan retired to Canterbury where he devoted the remainder of his life to teaching in the Cathedral School. St. Dunstan died peacefully on May 19th 988 and was buried in Canterbury Cathedral.

Dunstan House History:
2019/20 –
4th Place
2018/19 – 6th Place
2017/18 – 6th Place
2016/17 – 4th Place
2015/16 – 6th Place
2014/15 – 6th Place
2013/14 – 6th Place
2012/13 – 6th Place

Head of House: Miss Bravo

‘The biggest source of motivation are your own thoughts, so think big and motivate yourself to win.’

As the new Head of Dunstan House, I have been inspired by this quote. I think the most important part of success is your own thoughts. For many years the Dunstonians (my name for the members of Dustan House) have had to deal with coming last and have let it effect their confidence. My role as Head of House is to inspire and motivate every single member of Dustan House to take part and to think big! I hope a fresh face and lots of motivation On my part will do the job. I will put in all the time and effort I have, I will create songs, dance routines, costumes, posters and much more but most of all I need YOU, my fellow Dunstonians!

I am honoured to be the Head of Dunstan house and I look forward to a year full of fun, dedication and hard work but most of all lots of positive thoughts!

House Captain: Patrick McConville

Being a part of this house will teach you so much that you can’t learn in a lesson. So many people will try and tell you about how Dunstan never accomplish much and this is why we persevere and rise above all the negativity to achieve great things. 

We are a house that hosts talents and through being part of this house since the beginning my journey at this school, I have learnt first hand how much hard work and dedication Dunstan house put into every event.

Dunstan is a community with a wealth of skills vital to the growth of our house and our school community.