The academic work

Your son will be provided with work each week for them to complete in the subject slots on their new schedule (see overview page).

Work will be set using Show My Homework, which all students are very familiar with. Work will be made available at the start of each week for students for them to work through over the course of that week using their new schedule. Our staff are working hard to try and ensure that even if your child’s specific class teacher is not able to set work, work will be set by someone within the subject team.

Although work is being set in order to match up with the schedules published on this site (i.e. if a subject has two 30 minute slots on the schedule, the work should take approximately 60 minutes in total), many subject teams have designed activities that many students will be able to spend a great deal more time on should they choose! Encourage your child to find something that interests them and run with it – there will be ideas for this in some of the work set on SMHW but there are more ideas (which we will endeavour to add to over time) in the Personal Interest Projects page. Please encourage your son to show us what they’ve been working on by contacting their teacher, Form Tutor or Year Leader! We would love to showcase some of the creativity of our students here on this site and on social media!

Parents also have access to SMHW – logging in and helping your child review the tasks and plan their time is very valuable. If you are unable to log-in, please contact the helpdesk.

As set out on the overview page, much of the work being set will consist of enriching their prior learning, strengthening and deepening their prior learning, or developing the fluency with which they use their prior learning. Your son will not be expected to simply plough on with the curriculum – this is neither feasible nor desirable.