Richard Challoner School

Personal Interest Projects

All children have different interests and it is important to harness and nurture these.

Talk to them and encourage them to find something they are passionate about, then help set them up on an ongoing Personal Interest Project that they can lost themselves in for an hour or two each day.

Please do encourage them to share their projects with us! We would love to be able to continue celebrating and sharing great work here on this site and on social media. Encourage your son to let their Form Tutor, teacher and/or Year Leader know what they are working on!

Some of the tasks being set on SMHW by subject teams will be able to act as stimulus for a range of fantastic projects and you will find plenty of ideas here too!

  • Keep a daily diary/ quarantine journal (in a particular writing style? In another language? Or maybe just as a way to write down how you are feeling and to process what is going on around you)
  • Learn a new language using a free online course
  • Do a virtual museum tour and write a review
  • Start a factual project, researching and presenting information on absolutely anything (historical figures, objects in space, exotic animals, the history of your favourite sports team...)
  • Start a blog about life during school closure or about
  • Create a stop-motion animation
  • Create a podcast or news show. Interview the family!
  • Create a character then write a series of short stories featuring that character
  • Write a computer programme