Richard Challoner School

Family activity and wellbeing support

Finding time to support each other and do things together will be invaluable for all the family. The importance of positive, face-to-face interactions cannot be underestimated.

Things that you might consider doing as a family…

  • Read together and discuss what you are reading (see reading section)
  • Support your child with a Personal Interest Project - maybe even do your own!
  • Talk with your child about their academic work.
  • Exercise together! (see exercise section)
  • Write quizzes together and do them as a family (your son will show you how to make a kahoot!) 
  • Play a board game together (chat as you do it - it isn’t about the board game...)
  • Play a computer game together (don’t worry if you aren’t any good at computer games - just do it together and be ready to laugh at yourself!)
  • Cook together! Our Food & Nutrition team have put together a whole batch of resources- try a breakfast or a dinner, or do a snack and some baking… see our recipes below. These are tried and tested with students across KS3 and KS4!


Links to Recipe PDF


Fruit Smoothie
Breakfast Muffins
Bircher Muesli


Spicy Tomato Soup
Moroccan Couscous
Garlic Pizza Bread


Vegetable Chilli
Turkey Stir Fry
Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry
Spaghetti Carbonara
Spaghetti Bolognese
Pesto Pasta
Mac n Cheese
Crispy Chicken with Wedges
Chicken Tikka and Coleslaw


Sticky Toffee
Fruit Salad
Chilled Cheesecake
Apple Crumble


Sweet Scones
Sausage Rolls
Rock Cakes
Mini Focaccia
Fairy Cakes
5-a-day Muffins