Richard Challoner School

Careers SEND Support

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Support for students

Students with an EHCP are seen prior to their annual review. These students are also supported by the next steps programme delivered by Achieving for Children. Their specialist careers advisor will also see these students and both are reports are shared at the annual review.

Students who receive learning support often have their LSA attend the appointment with them and will be copied into the action plan after.


The Newman Centre

Students in the Newman centre are seen with or without their key workers. Students receive additional support with behaviour and learning but are not always linked to learning support.

Sometimes and historically the manager and the careers lead work together to complete college applications for the students and keyworkers often attend college interviews with the students to help with the transition.


The Xavier Centre

Students in Xavier follow a programme of work skills incorporating preparing for the future. The careers lead works closely with the manager of the centre to ensure careers support is given. A programme of work experience is being introduced and we are in discussions around increasing enterprise activities such as Making and selling cards or creating simple DT task at various points in the year. This will be so students can sell and be responsible for the promotion, set up and selling of items. This is in addition to the Macmillan cake sale they host each year.

We are also trying to coordinate a potential link with Drury tea and coffee to see if it is possible to do a workplace visit.

The local authority is not in a position to offer careers support to our students in the Xavier Centre so there will be a joint approach to ensure that students are supported. We are looking to link in with local colleges to do tours and talks to help break down apprehension and ensure a smooth transition into FE, which alongside retail is the route most students take.