Richard Challoner School

Post 16 planning

Planning for the future begins early in Year 7. At Richard Challoner every year group has a careers unit focussing on the skills and resources needed for that point in their education. 

In addition, Year 7 take part in the Careers week activity of thinking about a job for the future and being displayed with Alumni and Staff who were ex students.

Year 8 take part in Sons to work day to begin exploring their work experience journey.

In Year 9 students have an additional options session to help them know all there is when it comes to choosing their GCSE subjects.

Year 10 continue their work experiences with 'virtual week' in partnership with Springpod. Students will need to be aware that 6th form colleges (a combination of 6th form and college life) do open events pre summer holidays. (please see individual websites for further information) 

By  year 11 are students are more than prepared, having covered a careers unit with all options available, they have assemblies on apprenticeships, college and 6th form opportunities. They meet with the careers advisor on a 1-1 basis through weekly appointment lists sent via showbie (please encourage your son to actively check this, so they don't miss their time!) They have an exclusive weekly after school drop in session in the careers office, advertised regularly and in tutor rooms via posters, showbie and weekly bulletins. Their destination plans are captured in February and again before exams start to ensure we know what students plan to go onto and can support accordingly. Students planning to leave Richard Challoner after year 11 are offered an extra drop in opportunity to ensure they can ask questions and be ready for their journey ahead. Mrs Stansbridge works closely with 6th form admissions to ensure a smooth transition and be ready for students on results day to know their options. Students looking at alternative routes to 6th form will have access to open day information in the careers office, and by looking at individual providers websites. 

Year 12 begins quickly with the launch of work experience, CV writing and Rotary club interviews. Students are provided with all information about their post 16 journey and have opportunities to meet, attend sessions and book in time with Mrs Stansbridge. Before the end of their first year they will have completed a brilliant work experience placement, helping them to think about their post 18 plans. 

Year 13 quickly develops into planning ahead with UCAS, apprenticeship searching and thinking about employment routes. Destination data is again collected in February and April to track student ideas and apprenticeship sessions are offered to support their searching. 

Not forgetting of course- our National Careers Week and National Apprenticeship week activities each year which involves all students and staff. 

Parents are kept informed of the journey each year through letters corresponding to the relevant year group, updates throughout the year, articles in school bulletins and in the annual chalk and talk magazine. There is also the annual survey issued to staff, students and parents. These pages also provide a great resource for everything happening to your child as they progress through the school and more!