Richard Challoner School

Parent Entitlement and Engagement

Parents receive a letter at the beginning of the academic year outlining the careers input their son will be having during the academic year. Each letter is year group specific.

Parents are asked to complete the parental survey in the summer term. This allows for feedback and also is useful to know if there is engagement between what we are doing in school and conversations at home.

In this careers section of the school website there are guides and articles to supporting young people through their education. There is also the breakdown of the careers programme.

Parents are also asked to volunteer to be on the database of professionals so that they can support careers activities in school.

In year 8, students take part in "Take your son to work" days. There is a great opportunity for school and home joint working.

Parents are able to contact the careers lead directly on the website through the contact page. Parental meetings can be offered.

Comments are also put on to MCAS following a careers appointment and students are encouraged to share their action plan at home.