Richard Challoner School

National Apprenticeship Week

We are all ready to celebrate NAW 2024!

Each year group has their set of activities and are ready to learn as much as they can about apprenticeships. This year we will be using some of the games resources available on the apprenticeship website to test our students knowledge.


Parents-find out more with this handy resource.


“The Parent Perspective” is an exciting new podcast series for parents and carers, helping them to support their children with careers advice and guidance. Each episode features a panel of diverse parents, bringing their questions and insights to expert speakers to try to tackle and offer practical solutions to some of the challenges parents currently face in supporting their children to make informed decisions.


Each year we celebrate this week in school by running a variety of activities. The theme for 2023 is 'skills for life'. 

Each year group has their own set of activities to get them researching and learning about what an apprenticeship is. As the students go through the year groups they will expand their knowledge by testing their understanding and hearing about next steps they could take to include an apprenticeship as part of future planning. 

Each subject classroom has posters displaying links to curriculum and apprenticeships and also types of apprenticeship to explore using that subject. 

Outside the Careers Office there is a display on apprenticeships, live vacancies this week and an interview with our very own IT apprentice in school. 

Each tutor room, and the careers office and library, have QR codes that students can scan to explore apprenticeship websites. 

Across the UK there will be many events happening showcasing the opportunities available - at the end of the attached powerpoint is a link to the weeks events.