Richard Challoner School

Information for Employers

Please see the provider access policy for information on how to support the activities in school.

If you would like to support our students in any way by attending careers events, providing work experience or coming in to talk to our students please use the contact careers leader page.

We have events such as Engineering day and Sons to work as well as looking to develop a one-day – one-week work experience programme for year 12.

Employers and professionals coming into school provide vital links to the working world.

Whilst students are on lockdown careers events are looking a bit different. We are looking for professionals to film no more than a 5-minute snippet about their careers especially for the students of Richard Challoner.

There are no restrictions on what people do - the more weird and unknown the better!

If the videos could include:

  • What the job is
  • How they got into the role
  • Education/qualifications
  • Best/worst parts of their jobs
  • Any specific skills/equipment they need/use (e.g. HGV licence or lawyers robes etc) 
  • It would also be good to know if and how covid has changed their roles but also their plans for the future (to end on a positive note)

If you are a previous student of the school please join our alumni.

If you are a local business and want to find out how to get involved with our school please view the business network page.